This one is for the white chocolate lovers, made with gooey Belgian choco chips, and colorful vanilla sprinkles. It’s party in your mouth that can be eaten…

The cookie that started it all. Crisp outside, chewy inside, flavourful dough, with chocolates proudly made in the Philippines.

It’s our classic chocolate cookie with chopped walnuts, especially made for the nut lovers.

Our best selling Choco chip cookie that’s double the size double the size and double the flavor in every bite! 🤎

Cinnamon based cookie dough with a delicious creamcheese filling. It’s cinnamon roll in cookie form.

This is for the oatmeal cookie lovers! It’s made with 3 types of delicious chocolate with that awesome oatmeal bite and texture!


Our S’mores cookie is inspired by one of our regulars and is a favorite of our youngest Cookie Monster at home. It’s our classic chocolate chip cookie…

Our dark cacao based dough with premium Filipino, Belgian, and American chocolates, because one origin is just not enough for our Cookie Monsters.