Hydrafluid Antioxidant Moisturizer & Serum + HEV Light Protect (Advanced Formula)



A 2 in 1 moisturizer and serum blended with multivitamins and Hyarulonic Acid that stimulates collagen and elastin production and protects against High Energy Visible/ Blue Light emitted from digital devices and indoor lights.


Renews skin cells Antioxidant boost Light and non-greasy finish Reverses free radical damage Intense hydration Suitable for all skin types


Cleanse face and apply HydraFluid Antioxidant on face and decolletage after spraying Nutri-Toner Mist for total recharge

Formulated with natural and Australian certified organic ingredients: Aloe Vera Gel, Ginseng Panax Root, Gotu Kola, Bilberry and Bearberry, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamins A, B3 and E, Evening Primrose, Milk Thistle, Siberian Chaga Mushroom, Avocado Oil, Rosehip Oil, Patchouli Essential Oil

100% Natural