Organic Eau de Parfum in Sel du Soleil



An organic perfume with notes of sandalwood, vanilla and sea salt with an intoxicating blend of sensual essential oils. Organic essential oil based perfume with long lasting fragrance and healing properties Cleanses the aura and creates a protective shield

Let this evocative scent take you back to a tropical island paradise with the cool wind caressing your skin and a blissful feeling of digging your toes into the sand. This fragrance is wearable anytime, anywhere, to make you feel like an exquisite jewel glistening under the summer sun.

Benefits: Does not cause dark spots from application like synthetic perfumes Essential oil based scent, not synthetic based scent Long-lasting with healing properties of oils

Free of: Harmful chemicals found in commercial perfumes such as acetone, formaldehyde, benzaldehyde, and other synthetic chemicals