Coffee Jelly Chill [750 grams Net, in Tin]



Introducing Heat2Eat’s latest “Frozen Creamy” dessert adventure… COFFEE JELLY CHILL

Enjoy a variety of cold dessert textures from traditional ice cream to sorbet to popsicle, all-in-one!

Served Cold, Chilled or Frozen. Choose your own adventure! :)

Our version of Coffee jelly that is more than just a jelly dessert flavored with coffee… 3 variants brewed in-house! We have adopted our Japanese partner’s variation of this delicious dessert that they have popularized in their cafes in Osaka and Hokkaido… all smothered in a creamy and sweet dressing that has been “brewed” in-house as well to attain our signature triple-textured dessert as what we have achieved with our Mango Graham Float and Buko Pandan.

• Frozen • Generous serving size • Fresh, Safe, Natural ingredients • Absolutely No Preservatives • Masarap! Malinis! Sulit! Let’s Eat!